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A funny, heartwarming and nostalgia-packed story about a father trying to teach his son to be an Inter fan by associating Inter’s victories with moments of euphoria and celebration, and elegantly overlooking their losses.


The story is for Inter fans, calcio fans and for everyone who loves the game, including those who support other teams. But since it is not just about calcio, people can also relate to it as a parent, a child, and a person.


Ebook available.

Papà, Zanetti and Other Superheroes

SKU: 978-1-7775999-2-8
C$22.95 Regular Price
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  • © 2020 Mondadori Libri S.P.A per il marchio PIEMME, Italia

    © 2021 for this book in English language - Giovan8

    ISBN 978-1-7775999-2-8

    Original Title: Papà, Zanetti e altri supereroi by Tommaso Santi

    Translation by Sándor Anthony Vezér

    Edited by Claudia Tavernese

    Chapter illustrations by Meredith Wolting

    Front cover illustration by Alice Iuri

    Pages: 142

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