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Exhausted from a hard day at work, Edoardo is having trouble putting his two energetic kids, Leo and Bea, down to sleep. Desperate to get some shut-eye himself, Edoardo promises them that he will organize a game between the Superdads and the Superheroes—footballers. 


Unfortunately, he didn’t consider the fact that his kids are more social than him. And so, the next day, the news about the game spreads across the radio, TV and the Internet. Faced with the improbable task of actually having to organize this fairy tale of a game, Edoardo pulls every trick in the book in his attempt to recruit past and present players from Italian football, making us laugh and cry along the way. 


Will Edoardo be able to make his kids’ dreams come true? 

This romance with a milanista twist is every Italian football fanatic’s dream.



The Dad Who Cried Calcio

  • © (2018) by Giunti Editore S.p.A., Firenze-Milano

    © 2023 for this book in the English language - Giovan8

    ISBN 978-1-7775999-8-0

    Original Title: Superpapà contro supereroi

    Text by Edoardo Maturo

    Translation by Sándor Anthony Vezér

    Edited by Marcel Chiera

    Book cover design by Davide Franchi

    Pages: 316

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